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catxfight_shop's Journal

Buying, Selling And Trading
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We are a Buying, Selling & Trading community for Hair/Beauty products, Cosmetics & Clothing in the UK. Our sister site is catxfight an advice community also in the UK. Application is by approval only.

NOT OPEN YET. Please do not apply to join yet. thx


RULES please read

DO NOT apply unless you have read these through FIRST if you have any questions/quires about any of the rules, please contact a MOD.

  • You must join cxf_feedback prior to joining catxfight_shop to be accepted.
  • Your journal must be at least two months old before you will be accepted as a member into catxfight_shop
  • If you were already a member but created a new account and wanted to re-join under that new name, please get in touch with a Mod, giving details about your old journal and new journal and a Mod will look at your request.
  • Like catxfight we are a Cosmetics/Beauty Products/Clothing orientated Selling community, so please keep all posts on those topics. If you are unsure about posting something, please contact a Mod
  • Under NO circumstances must you sell any illegal items such as: copied cds or dvd's or video games, drugs, fire arms/swords/knives and adult material [such as - dvd's, magazines etc: lingerie & adult toys are perfectly fine, as long as they are New or Clean].
  • You must not promote other communities here, if its your own community that you are the Moderator of and it has relevance to this community you may post as long as you've asked a Mod first, if you do not ask permission from a Mod first you post will be deleted.

    International members
    I’m afraid this is a UK only community for now.

    You may only repost items one week after making the original post and when it has gone off the first page. Multiple posts are okay but you are limited to two on one page.

    Selling Journals
    Any linking to relevant sales on 'selling journals' is OK, but please try keep these to a minimum.

    Non-selling posts
    Please keep any off topic subjects to catxfight that is exactly what this community was created for.

    Proof of Postage
    Always obtain Proof of Postage when posting items or consider special delivery or recorded. This is a big help when things go missing or get lost in the mail. [because believe me they do]

    Personal Details
    For your own safety and protection, do not post any personal details (address, bank details, etc) of either yourself or anyone else’s in posts or unscreened comments. Remember there can be ways people can obtain them.

    Please keep your buyers/traders up to date with posting in cxf_feedback I have a strict rule that you must at least let them know the situation, especially if you are having any problems which may delay their items.

    What should you posts include?

    A good description of the item(s) you are selling:
    Remember to include information like size of the item, measurements [if possible] and condition of the piece.

    Make sure you make it clear what you want for each item, whether it be a for set price, negotiable/offers or trades. Also specify if the item includes postage and packing or not and what type of payment method you accept: cash, cheque, postal order or PayPal [if you accept PayPal you will also need to include whether or not you would like the buyer to include a fee on top of the price. You can get them to calculate this on here] You must make payment to the seller within at least a week of accepting to buy, unless you have agreed differently with the seller. In turn, items must be sent out within at least one week after receiving payment, again unless otherwise agreed with the seller.

    Pictures on the front page, extra long posts and LJ-cuts
    You may only post one image on the front page [no larger than 300x300 and not larger than 100k] anything bigger than this must be placed under a lj-cut tag. Please also use cut tags for large amounts of text. [it can be a little annoying when you have to scroll down forever looking for other peoples posts] If you are unsure about how to do an lj-cut please read the FAQ.

    Please contact a Mod if you have a question about the community or a post you are unsure about. Do not flood their personal journal’s with questions.

    Banned Members
    If you do not heed by these rules, you will first be issued with a warning and limited access to posting will be given. If you disobey for the second time you will be banned for one week [depending on the reason for the ban] then your case will be looked at and considered for re-application.

    I, or any Mod has the right to change these rules as they see fit at any point.



    Handy Links for you:

    Royal Mail Any info you may need on postage costs etc.
    PayPal A quick and simple way of sending payments
    PayPal Cal A really handy page to help you determine those pesky PayPal fees
    Hot Deals Codes & Coupons.

    Other Communities You should check out:

    catxfight Our sister site
    thriftstoreuk A great buying & Selling community
    2ndhandland Another great buying & Selling community
    thehighstreet Current Fashions & advice

    Want to be added? Email a Mod