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Looking for shiny brooches [02 Sep 2008|08:48pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm on the hunt for brooches...

Wanting black or clear/silver diamanté types (to match a checked black/white shirt)
Would consider blue/green/purple/red.

Pref a bow or circle/star shaped design.
No open circles or skull/animals tho.

Cut to show pics of what I'd likeCollapse )

The catch is that I need it for friday, but I can paypal tonight so if it can be posted first class tomo then it will arrive in time. (I've just brought a top I want to wear to a leaving do but it need a badge to protect my modesty!)

Selling Make up, Lush & Doctor Who/Torchwood books. [14 Aug 2008|02:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm moving next week and I got a box of stuff I'm wanting to get rid off, but I don't want to just chuck it so I'm gonna sell it in several (or one) job lots.
The prices include UK postage, but can post worldwide ask for prices
And I am wanting to get rid of it so please do make offers (I won't be offended by 'crazy' offers) and I'm happy to sell parts of a set as well.
I'm sorry to say that I cannot hold any items. Payment will need to be within 48hours (via paypal) or cheque posted immediately. I don't like to do it but I have had too many people go awol and I'm moving next week.
Postage will be recorded or couriered.

Part 1 Set of Torchwood & Doctor Who booksCollapse )

Part 2 Make UpCollapse )

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Moving House- Selling LUSH, MAC, BPAL, TARTE, UD [14 Jul 2008|09:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

All items for sell! Would prefer not to swap as I'm moving house so trying to keep the stash smaller. I'm in the UK.

If you want something FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE and help take some things off my hands!

Postage will be worked out with everything boxed up (I do second class parcel- ask for recorded). I can accept cash (AYOR), cheque, paypal (fees http://ppcalc.com).

Lipglosses etc might not be true to screen colour so check the colours else where to be sure (or ask!)

There's a few small items/samples which will be free if you buy 2 or more things! And if you're buying several things then I'll be happy to throw in an extra or something.


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Lush & B Never pic and goodies belowCollapse )

MAC, Smashbox, Tarte, UD & others pic and goodies belowCollapse )

As I said all prices are negotiable a lot... so if interested just ask!

Cross posted all over the place!
The main page (on my personal LJ) is here

[09 Dec 2006|07:16pm]

Hello this is my first post here :)

I accept all forms of payment but prefer to stick to pay pal. I'm open to offers but I don't do tradeing I'm afraid.

So without further ado, a collection of clothes of mine that I'm selling. Sometimes it's difficult to know what prices to put things at, so if you think something is too high just say so and don't be shy to suggest what you would want to pay for it. Prices suggested are all inclusive of p and p and pay pal fees unless otherwise stated.

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Lastly I have an on-line clothes shop with a selection of designs (from myself and other designers to give it some variety) and lots of slogans. I can put up previews of items in different colours or with different text of your choice (also in different colours) at no cost so you can have a look at various options. To check the measurements of the garment you are interested in click on it, then scroll down on it's in depth page and you will see a section called 'product details'. Click that and you get a new window giving measurements for each size. Questions welcome :)

WANTS: Footballers wife dahling [02 Nov 2006|09:45pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I'm going to a fancy dress party as a footballers wife...
Planning so far to wear white trouser suit with england 2006 top underneth and need to accessories ideas... bags, scarfs, make up looks, jewellery etc?

Need cheap fake designer/footballers wife accessories
Make up looks (fake nails kit?)
Jewellery- football/diamante/fake designer
Anything else?

And other wants...
Make Up

Selling I accept paypal
LORAC lip polish in Luv & Bliss £9 each tested once (paypal)

NARS Emotional Rescue Palette in box (tested a few times) £45 (not my pic below)


[27 Mar 2006|10:30pm]

A new Buying, Selling & Trading Community for Cosmetics/Beauty Products/Clothing in the UK.

You must apply to join before you can post.

Read the Rules On the Info Page before you do anything! Then join cxf_feedback before applying to join catxfight_shop thx

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